The McKenney Difference

The McKenney Difference

  • More than three decades of experience managing assets for clients
  • Intelligent personalization with three levels of portfolio risk management
  • Our advisors collaborate with world class Portfolio Investment Managers around the Investment Policy Statement and Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, using them as a guide when building custom portfolios.
  • Transparent and competitive fees
  • Periodic reviews with Advisors, Portfolio Investment Managers, and clients
  • Robust internal compliance and control systems, accountability across the organization
  • All of our Advisors are Accredited Investment Fiduciaries® and hold additional professional credentials and licenses requiring a Fiduciary Standard of Care

Our Standards

McKenney Financial Group adheres to the seven major fiduciary requirements outlined by the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) Global Precepts

AIF Global Fiduciary Precepts

  • Know standards, laws, and trust provisions
  • Diversify assets to specific risk/return profile
  • Prepare investment policy statement
  • Use “prudent experts” (for example, an investment manager) and document due diligence
  • Control and account for expenses
  • Monitor the activities of “prudent experts”
  • Avoid prohibited transactions and avoid or manage other conflicts of interest in favor of the portfolio
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